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Our goal is to inspire and empower young black children and teens to pursue careers as jockeys and trainers in the world of horse racing. We are committed to breaking down barriers, fostering diversity, and creating opportunities for underrepresented communities within the horse racing industry. Through mentorship, education, and access to resources, we aim to cultivate a new generation of talented athletes and professionals who will contribute to the rich tradition and future success of horse racing. After being the backbone of the horse racing industry for much of the 18th and 19th centuries, African-American Jockeys and trainers began to be forced out of racing, or at the least, relegated to the most menial of jobs. Even the most successful black jockeys nowadays have been unable to break back into the glory that once was.


Our plan to help address these inequities starts first in the communities, and helping expose young black children to a world that many know nothing about, let alone its rich African-American roots. My Aunt, Cheryl White's story, is the conduit to help inspire a new generation of young black children and teens to get involved in a sport that was built on the backs of their ancestors. With education, exposure to horses and husbandry at our partner facilities, learning from industry experts and speakers and a support system to help them along their journeys, we look to inspire and set some on a path they didn't know existed. We want to see the numbers of black jockeys & trainers rise, and hopefully inspiring even more youngsters in the future. This is only our start, and we have many other missions to get to, none more important than this.


Just a few statistics about black jockeys/trainers and the Triple Crown Races


  • -15 of the first 28 Kentucky Derby races were won by black      jockeys.

  • -Only about 4% of the jockeys that are members of the National Jockey's Guild are black.

  • -The last black Jockey to win the Kentucky Derby was Jimmy Winkfield in 1902.

  • -There were no black jockeys in the Kentucky Derby from 1922-1999. There have only been 3 since 2000 to make a total of 4 in 122 years.

  • -Only 2 black jockeys have won the Preakness Stakes, the last being Willie Simms, in 1898.

  • -Only 3 black jockeys have won the Belmont Stakes, the last also being Willie Simms in 1894.

  • -It is also reported that only around 4% of trainers in the US are black.

This must change.

What is The Cheryl White Project......
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